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Generator Rex Season 1
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Synopsis Generator Rex Season 1 2010 Online :

Watch Serie Generator Rex Season 1 on Soap2day with Full Episodes Online Free, Rex defeats and cures an E.V.O. rampaging through a city. Criticized by his superiors over his performance and frustrated by his lack of freedom, Rex breaks out of Providence with Bobo and goes on a road trip. In a city, he meets a group of young men. A young blond named Noah comes by and tells him that the boys are just using him. After telling the boys he doesn't want to give them anymore freebies, they call him a freak and leave. Noah stays and quickly befriends Rex. When Agent Six comes to retrieve him, the Pack, three E.V.O.s named Skalamander, Biowulf and Breach, appear and attempt to abduct Rex; during the melee he, Noah and Bobo are thrown through a portal into Abysus. There, they are met by Van Kleiss, who demonstrates his powers, introduces himself, and invites them to his stronghold, a ruined castle which was the location of the original nanite-release Event. Van Kleiss tries to win Rex's trust by hinting that he has knowledge of Rex's past, but after separating him from his friends he turns on him and attempts to drain him of nanites. Noah and Bobo manage to get away from the Pack long enough to distract Van Kleiss, which allows Rex to break away, and the three escape by air with Van Kleiss in pursuit, Agent Six comes to the rescue with a Providence task force, but in a final confrontation it is left up to Rex to defeat Van Kleiss, though his body regenerates itself afterward. And Rex gets a new room that he enjoys.

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