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Laverne & Shirley Season 8
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Synopsis Laverne & Shirley Season 8 1982 Online :

Watch Serie Laverne & Shirley Season 8 on Soap2day with Full Episodes Online Free, The show starts in Laverne's apartment, where she's trying to put together a load of her stuff to sell as she's desperate for money now she's out of a job. In comes Frank with an old army buddy whose life he saved during the war. This army buddy offers Laverne a job at Ajax Aerospace. Laverne's delighted and is told to report for work Monday morning. Come Monday, we see Laverne at her new job which is testing gravity boots. She soon finds this more boring than bottling beer in her old Milwaukee job. When everyone goes for lunch, there's only her and a weird guy called Chuck left in the room. To make things more exciting, Chuck gets Laverne to try on a secret experimental anti-gravity spacesuit. Laverne comes out wearing the the suit and helmet and Chuck who has the remote control soon has Laverne doing acrobtaics in mid-air. The problems start when Chuck can't get Laverne down, Laverne suggests she put on a pair of gravity boots which brings her back down to earth, however she can't ge

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